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heather albright

Thanks for the tip, i made sure not to block this! thanks Heather

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Hey Heather,

I would advise against blocking scripts. In my experience this can severely limit your availability to even load or contact websites.



On 22/06/2020 7:57 am, heather albright wrote:
Wow i have to say after I fix my brave, love it so much! OH, is okay to block scrips I googled and it said it had something to do with java scrips! The only thing I know about that is they are not very accessible but, i did not want to block it if it brakes the websites when I am searching online!
If am wrong, please enlighten me. Thanks Heather
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Hi Heather,

Open your brave settings, and near the top, press enter on get started. Find the first radio button called Open the new tab page. Change it to the third radio button, called Open a specific page or set of pages. Press enter on the add a new page link and type the homepage that you wish for Brave to default to.

Press enter on the additional settings button, then on the passwords link.

You may wish to uncheck the following two options

Offer to save passwords
Auto Sign-in




On 18/06/2020 1:47 pm, heather albright wrote:

I was looking at the settings and could not find how to set my home page.
I also noticed it was saving my passwords say on amazon.
So I have to remember to sign out after using amazon.
I found a detorial but, it seems kind of visual, well, was done by a sighted guy who clicks and clicks when he is telling you how to use brave!
But so far I like brave!
Is there a list of shortcuts when working with it?
Is anyone going to make a tetorial like the one done for chrome?thanks

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Hello Hether,

I use the Brave Browser.

I am no Expert, but I use it.

 What is your question?

Grumpy Dave

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