Re: need a Tech support phone number

Gerald Levy

Well, I went to Get Human and found HP's toll-free customer support phone number:

800-752-0900.  Next time, look a little harder.


On 6/22/2020 1:09 PM, Gene wrote:
a Contact Us link doesn't necessarily mean a phone number.  There is no requirement to have a phone number for accessibility.  Whether they should provide one is another matter.

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I cant find the number too but I found this link. It makes you think you can contact them. It is a complete ly because when you click on the contact us link, you get no number woe! So if any one finally gets a contact, please tell them to their face that they do not know anything about accessibility otherwise, they would have had the number displayed after it says contact us.
Good luck, Heather

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Subject: [TechTalk] need a Tech support phone number


Does anyone have a technical support phone number for HP products, printers if possible? I've hunted the webpage high and low and can't find one anywhere.



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