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Carolyn Arnold

Wow, I wonder why? Of course, you always can call Apple Accessibility. They can't screen share with you until you get that in place, but they can give directions. In fact, I like it when they do screen share, because when I used them, the guy told me where to go to do what, rather than just doing it, then me having to get him to try to explain.

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Hi Carolyn,
I’ve narrowed the problem down to I can’t install siri shortcuts using Castro because my shortcut security settings won’t allow for it. Now I have to figure out how to allow Castro shortcuts to be installed.
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Lynn, I put in my six-digit passcode one time for an update, followed by thumb print on my SE, then later had to get outside in bright sunshine to do facial, when I replaced the SE. I had to do that to have access to the Cloud and screen sharing with Apple Accessibility.

So, I just checked my Settings, and I think that if you get into Settings and enter on the first thing, which should be your name, and it says Apple ID. You should have the place there to enter your passcode. When I did, I had the choice of six or four. I figured, it's free, I might as well get as much as I can, so I put in six, LOL.


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Sent from my iPhoneIs there any type of tutorials for this podcatcher?
I was looking at the Siri shortcuts. However, when I would try to install them, I was not allowed to do so. There must be some first step that I’m missing. Thanks.

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