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I'm not saying this as a judgment on what you are doing. I'm saying that, as a matter of list policy, discussing illegal software and how to crack it isn't permitted on this list and it isn't permitted on a lot of lists. Such discussions put lists in legal jeopardy and, if the owner of Groups.io were to discover such discussions, the lists where they occur might be shut down by the owner of Groups.io.

As I said, this has nothing to do with however I may feel about specific circumstances and discussions. It is a matter of protecting the list and it is a widely followed policy on this and other list serves.

Therefore, I shall lock this topic.

Gene, Owner

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hello all,
before I go on, and any goody 2 shoes start sermonizing about the illegality of software cracking, I will say that I have made a number of attempts to legitimately purchase this software, but get no response from the company, can't contact them, as there contact page won't come up, and after a few weeks my payments just come back to me, and I have now after at least 4 months had enough.

so does anyone know of a way that I can bypass the registration for the MaPlEr software, as I use it for recording, especially with it's monitor output feature, which is perfect if one needs to set up levels and such, and is something I haven't found in other recording programs.


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