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Hi all,

This sounds so convoluted. As one who uses Jaws rarely, and for only a few specific tasks, why not just use the options in Word? The hotkeys don't seem to work any more, but the tab key does, and is just as effective as all that fiddling with Jaws controls. Besides, I have noticed that the cursor stays on the button you last pushed. So, if you accepted a suggestion, the cursor should still be on 'change' so that you can accept the next suggestion. Now, of course, if you need to add the word or ignore it, then you must tab around.

The whole thing, both in plain Word and using Jaws has become a pain! Why do they change things when they're working? It makes no sense to me!

Ann P.

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For users of JAWS this is a good reason to consider using Leasey <> from Hartgen Consultancy. It contains a couple of tricks to navigate the spell checker in new versions of Word, one of them being a method which I requested and which the developer graciously chose to implement.
When Window-Eyes was around it had hotkeys to instantly move the cursor or caret to the next or previous spelling error as well as to the next or previous grammatical error. JAWS can actually do this but it's not as convenient as you must first press insert-Z to toggle quick navigation keys. Next, you can press M or shift-M to go to the next or previous spelling error as well as A or shift-A to move to the next or previous grammatical error, respectively. Once your cursor lands on the error you want to edit you must then toggle quick navigation keys off by pressing insert-Z again. I wanted a method that would do what Window-Eyes did, allowing me to instantly move from one error to the next without the need to toggle navigation quick keys on and off and this is now possible.
Without Leasey you can also press shift-alt-L to generate a list of spelling errors. Once the list appears you can press up arrow and down arrow to navigate through the list and then press enter on the word that you want to edit. Once you press enter your cursor will be on the word for you to edit it. If you want to add that word to your dictionary just press the Applications key and "Add to Dictionary" will be one of the choices.
Pressing insert-shift-G brings up a list of grammatical errors.

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On 6/23/2020 3:11 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:

Thanks, Ann. How annoying - guess just something I and
others have to live with?
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Hi all,
I hate to be cynical, but Microsoft in its wisdom deemed
that the classic spell checker was too old fashioned for
Word2013. I don't like it either. You have to taqb to each
option and activate it manually instead of using the
hotkeys. It just adds more time to the process.
Ann P.

Original message:
Anyone have any idea why Spell Check works as it always
has in
Outlook, but not in Office 2013 with Windows 10 and JAWS
18? Thanks.

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