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Hi Shirley,


The only external harddrives I know of for windows machines ar u s b;  that is, the drikve connects to the computer with a u s b cable.

With some drives, especially  the ones that are 4 tb and less, also use this u s b cable for their power.

Most usb drives these days, are u s b 3 or higher.  Newer machines can also support a u s bb c drive which is faster than a usb 3 drive.

You us can use the same cable to connect a drive to either u s b 2 or 3.

U s b 3 drives are quie fast wheter plugged into a desktop or a laptop.

You would really only nnotice the difference if you were transferring large amounts of data like hundreds of gigabytes of a few thousand tarabytes.  That will take a while no matter what you are using.

If you use a an external drive that gets its power from a wall plugin, it will make no difference as the transfer speed is determined by  the type of u s b connection.

Mac machines use something called a thunderball connection; I know nothing about these.

I purchased   a 4 tarabyte usb drive a month ago. The u s b cable connected it to the computer and provided the poer.  It cost 112 u s dollars.

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if i was to buy a hard drive that says its for a desktop, you know one you plug in and not a USB model, could i use that on a laptop as well? or would I have to have a desktop?




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