Re: problem with Jaws


Evidently, you can use read to end elsewhere but just not in whatever e-mail program you are using. I have no idea why. Read to end is supposed to move or more or less simulate moving down line by line and reading as it goes.

What e-mail program are you using? When presenting a problem, the program being used is important to specify.

For now, What happens if you issue the reply command, then read.
In addition, what happens if you tab once in the message body, then read.


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From: Shelly Kane
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 4:24 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] problem with Jaws

Hi group:

I have been having trouble with Jaws reading things straight through. I
hit insert down arrow and it just reads the subject of the email and not
the whole things. Is there a way I can get this fixed or am I doing
something wrong? Thanks in advance. It's a pain hitting the down arrow
after every line on long emails.


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