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You can make a 2nd GMail account / identity as an IMAP account / identity.  But, you don't really need to do that if you set up your POP3 account to save a copy of your messages on the server, and also set OE to delete the messages from the server when you delete the messages from the delete folder.  I get my email from both POP3 & IMAP identities on 6 different computers and 2 homes.  I rarely have any problems, but that's mainly from learning from mistakes.

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Subject: [TechTalk] OE 6 for windows 10

I saw a thread recently on OE 6 but I don't have any of those messages
so I'll just start a new thread.

I want to try OE 6 in windows 10 because I was a long time OE user
before coming into windows 10 and I just recently found out that OE 6
works with 10. I use thunderbird now though, and when I tried to export
my thunderbird address book to import it into OE 6 I exported it as a
.csv file but it appears that the only format OE 6 will import from is
.wab. I didn't see .wab as an option in thunderbird to export to however
so what can I do?

Also I want to set my gmail account as iMap in OE 6 but I can't figure
out how to change it from pop3. Can this be done and if so how? There's
a combo box there but it appears that the only option is pop3.

I want to set the account as iMap because I occasionally check my mail
on my phone and I don't want to end up seeing the same message on my
computer after seeing it on the phone.

Thanks in advance for any help with these questions.


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