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To import the address book as a CSV file, you first have to open the address book, then use the import feature there. I haven't used Outlook Express for a long time and I don't remember how you open the address book. If you look through the menus, you may well find out. I have a vague memory that it is in tools. I have a more or less vague memory that alt t, then a may open the addressbook. Look through the menus when you are in the address book part of the program. You only see wab because you are in the main part of the program.


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Hi Troy,

I'm not going to get too deep into the mud with this, but the dude, Rafail B, who tweaked OE6 for Win 7, 8 & 10 is no longer supporting it. I don't know what version of OE6 you're running, but the best version, OE2.2.1, requires a key code and you can no longer get key codes since the program is no longer being supported. I wrote the steps for importing an address book as a, .CSV file, and hopefully they'll work for you. I run the OE 2.2.1 version with no problems, but like I said I don't know what version you're running and don't know if they'll work in older versions.
Here you go:

1. Open the OE address book with, Control, shift + B.

2. Open the file menu with, Alt + F, and press the letter I, for Import, or down arrow to Import and press enter.

3. You'll be on, Address book, dso down arrow to, Other address book..., and press enter.

4. You're now in the address book import tool, in here you have several choices, but you want to down arrow to, text file comma separated values, and press enter.

5. Now tab to the, Browse button, and press the spacebar.

6. Now navigate to your .CSV file and press enter, tab to, next, and press enter.

7. Tab to, Finish, and press enter. You should get a dialogue saying the import completed, press the spacebar on, Okay, and tab to close and press the spacebar.
Now press, Control, shift + B, to open your address book to see your work. Contact me off list for more help.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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I saw a thread recently on OE 6 but I don't have any of those messages
so I'll just start a new thread.

I want to try OE 6 in windows 10 because I was a long time OE user
before coming into windows 10 and I just recently found out that OE 6
works with 10. I use thunderbird now though, and when I tried to export
my thunderbird address book to import it into OE 6 I exported it as a
.csv file but it appears that the only format OE 6 will import from is
.wab. I didn't see .wab as an option in thunderbird to export to however
so what can I do?

Also I want to set my gmail account as iMap in OE 6 but I can't figure
out how to change it from pop3. Can this be done and if so how? There's
a combo box there but it appears that the only option is pop3.

I want to set the account as iMap because I occasionally check my mail
on my phone and I don't want to end up seeing the same message on my
computer after seeing it on the phone.

Thanks in advance for any help with these questions.


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