Re: Sounds for Chrome?

Allen West

When I started using Chrome a few years ago, I have always been able
to tell when a download was complete. Chrome has always announced that
the download was complete and gave me the option to Shift F6 to the
Downloads area. I've had the same experience with the new Edge. Did I
turn on a feature in chrome without knowing it? If I did and someone
knows how this is done, can you post it for the group?


On 6/25/20, Ann Parsons <akp@...> wrote:
Morning all,

I downloaded a file seven times last night because Chrome didn't give
me any warning that it was downloading or anything. Does Chrome have
sounds that can be enabled? If so how? I'm trying to be good and use
Chrome instead of IE, but it is sometimes difficult because the darned
thing isn't configured properly. Any help appreciated.

Ann P.

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