Re: Sounds for Chrome?

Gerald Levy

What happens when you press Control-J while the file is downloading?  Do you hear any alert messages?


On 6/25/2020 8:59 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

Gerald, the download speed, has absolutely nothing to do with my original problem.  I do not know why people are adding their own spin to my problem.

I will repeat for the umteenth time.  My problem *was* that I was getting no, that's no, notification that Chrome was downloading a file at all.  There was no notification either in words or via a beep.  That is why I downloaded a file seven times last night.  I didn't *know* it was downloading!

Since adding the new feature to Chrome on both my machines, I am now getting notified that the program is downloading and I hear a beep when it is finished.  Thank you Sam for reading and understanding exactly what I wanted.

Ann P.

Original message:

Well, Ann, maybe the problem is your ISP, which is obviously very slow.
If you had high speed Internet, your files would download almost
immediately, and there would be no need to play a sound to indicate that
the file has downloaded successfully, because the alert message from
Chrome itself would be sufficient.  For instace, I have Spectrum high
speed Internet, which the company falsely claims is 200 mbps, but under
real world conditions actually measures only about 120 mbps.
Nevertheless, this is still fast enough to download a 20 hour BARD book
in less than ten seconds.  That's ten seconds, not ten minutes. So the
alert message from Chrome that the download has completed is sufficient,
and no other sound effect is necessary.  Of course, if high speed
Internet is not available where you live upstate in Rochester, then
that's a different story, and you might want to download the Notify
extension for Chrome to indicate that a file has downloaded successfully.  .


On 6/25/2020 8:26 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Good morning all,
I beg to differ, Gene.  I don't mind *where* the thing downloads its
files.  I know where that is, and I can easily get to it when I want
to do that.  What I strongly object to is clicking on a download link
and having the browser sit there, silently, no progress bar, no alert
tone, nothing!  I downloaded a file seven times last night, seven
times, God bless it, all because I didn't know Chrome was downloading
the blessed file.  It's like people who come along and do something
for you or move something or clean something and never say a word.  It
aggravates me to distraction! I want to *know* if Chrome is
downloading something!  I want to know when it's done doing so!
I can find 'downloads' in This PC perfectly well.  I can also move the
downloaded file if I want to do so.  File location wasn't the problem
at all.
Ann P.

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