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I don't know whom you were responding to. I was completely aware of what you want. And my point is that aside from sound, you can be qquite sure a download begins by working with the ask me dialog. As I recall, it remembers your download location and shows it so you just have to tell it to save and make no changes.

There are certain standard things people should know about working with today's standardized browsers. One is turning on the ask me where to save dialog. the other is control j to open the download window if you want to monitor a download. Browsers these days generally don't show information to screen-readers unless this is done except for the nightmare forced speech Chrome imposes on blind users.

I'm not saying that knowing these things solves the accessibility probem, nor am I objecting to people wanting sounds. But what I am discussing allows you to know what is going on and allows you to do other important things.

If you don't know how to open the download window, what if a download freezes and you want to do it over. You can do so from the download Window. What if you have stopped the forced speech but still want to monitor the download? Control j is one way to do it. There is nothing wrong with using souhnds, but not to the detriment of learning about the browser itself. I want to know how to open the downloads window and start a download over from there. I don't necessarily want to return to a web site and start the download that way. It used to be, and it may still be, that the only way to cancel a download is in the download window. I remember closing Firefox, opening it again, and checking the download window only to find that a download I thought would stop when I closed the browser, and I had wanted to cancel it, resumed or started over again when I opened the browser. The only way I found to cancel it was in the downloads window.

My point is that I am providing both a work around to deal with the problem and also showing how whether you want to use something else like sounds, if you are so intent on the sound solution that you don't consider other information, you may not learn important things about a program.


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Hi all,

The location for downloads is in Chrome's settings menu. There is
nothing wrong with the ability of Chrome to download files to whatever
location you want.

I repeat! My problem was knowing *when* the browser was downloading a
file and *when* it was finished. I entitled my original post 'sounds
for Chrome' in the belief that it would be clear enough as to what I
was seeking.

Please try to read carefully, or ask for clarification before assuming
that you understand what is going on or coming off or whatever.
<smiling> It just makes conversation so much easier!

Ann P.

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