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chris judge

What a novel. She got her issue solved hours ago.

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I didn't say file location is the problem. I'm saying that if you set the program to ask, then you will know that the program is waiting for information before starting a download. That frequest for information, though not a confirmation that a download is beginning, is an indication. I told you how to get an indication that a download is beginning, it starts after you work with the dialog. It isn't proper accessibility but it’s a reasonable way around the problem until or unless it is corrected.

Wdoes a sighted person see? I don't know but its been standard for years now that browsers, unless you use the ask me where to download a file don't ask you anything but automatically download the file to the default location. As I recall, Firefox does the same thing and you get no notification unless the ask me dialog is set to appear.

the file either must have been small or you must have a very fast connection. Chrome automatically speaks download information something like every twenty or thirty seconds during the entire download. If you are downloading something that takes two minutes to download, are in a different window than the browser, and are doing anything, even read to end, the forced speech will interrupt what you are doing. You will hear download information and read to end will stop. Anything else you are doing, if speech is being generated, that speech will be interrupted.

If you are saying that some indication should be given when a downloade begins, I don't disagree. But if a blind user knows that using control j in standardized browsers has been the way to open the downloads window and see information about downloads for a long time, then at least the blind person can check. But having forced speech interrupt whatever you are doing, in any window isn't accessibility. Its having information take over your computer and most users won't have any idea that an add-on can be used to turn off that information.

I consider that worse than not being notified when a download is occurring.
Too much speech and even worse, too muchh repetitive forced speech is often worse than not being notified of something, especially if there is a way to check.

But more important than this specific question is the widespread practice of changing an interface or changing how something works in terms of accessibility and obviously not having any blind people do the same kinds of alfa and beta testing of the feature that the program undergoes for everyone else. It happens time after time. A popular program is fine, then the developers decide to make major changes in the interface and the result is no accessibility or near worthless accessibility. Blind people complain and the problems are fixed or made manageable in a future release, perhaps months or more later. And the companies often don't learn a thing, repeating the same pattern in the next major upgrade.

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Good morning all,

I beg to differ, Gene. I don't mind *where* the thing downloads its files. I know where that is, and I can easily get to it when I want to do that. What I strongly object to is clicking on a download link and having the browser sit there, silently, no progress bar, no alert tone, nothing! I downloaded a file seven times last night, seven times, God bless it, all because I didn't know Chrome was downloading the blessed file. It's like people who come along and do something for you or move something or clean something and never say a word. It aggravates me to distraction! I want to *know* if Chrome is downloading something! I want to know when it's done doing so!

I can find 'downloads' in This PC perfectly well. I can also move the downloaded file if I want to do so. File location wasn't the problem at all.

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