Re: Wanting an accessible laser printer scanner copier

Mike B

Hi Holly,
Since I'm not familiar with Epson printers, is it possible that since your printer doesn't get used very often that the ink jet nozzles are getting clogged and the machine is using more ink than normal because it has to clean the nozzles when it does get used?  I'm only mentioning this because we had this problem with an HP ink jet printer at our other house, and we got so damn tired of buying ink we gave the all in one away and bought a lazer all in one!  LOL 

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I will take a look on EBay.  I just want to make sure I get genuine Epson cartridges.
I am happy with the printer, except for the cost of the cartridges, which don’t last as long as I think they should.  I don’t do much printing, but seem to be buying a lot of ink.

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