Re: Wanting an accessible laser printer scanner copier

Gerald Levy

Holly, I have another suggestion.  Instead of buying an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, which may not be accessible, why not consider a separate printer and scanner/copier?  For about $80, you could buy the Pantum P2502W wireless monochrome laser printer, which is totally accessible because it has only two buttons on the top panel, plus a rocker-style power switch, and add a separate scanner for about $120, such as an Epson Perfection model, which could also be used for copying.  I'm afraid that it may be difficult to impossible to find an all-in-one unit that is accessible without sighted help because almost all of them now have LCD displays.  Unfortunately, the Xerox 3210 all-in-one unit is no longer available, and I have no idea whether its successor model has the same control layout.  But I can tell you that the Pantum P2502W is a very good inexpensive printer that is easy to use. To be perfectly blunt, I don't think you would learn much by visiting an office products store like Staples or Office Depot, if they are even open in your area, because Covid 19 safety precautions may preclude customers from touching or handlingprinters that are on display, if they are even on display, in the first place.   The last time I visited a local Staples store, I found only a few printer/scanners on display, and the sales clerks were not very knowledgeable or helpful when I inquired about their accessibility.  Years ago, the NFB or some other blindness organization maintained a web site that listed electronic products that were known to be accessible, but I guess they could not keep it up to date, and it was discontinued.  Too bad.  


On 6/26/2020 12:02 PM, Holly wrote:
I am having trouble finding a new printer like the one you have.  It may not be available anymore.  There is an upgrade to a Xerox B215DNI Monochrome Multifunction Printer, but not sure of the controls.
I may call Amazon accessibility and see what they think.
Appreciate your help.

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