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Monte Single

Hi Margaret,

I purchased my printer 4 years before windows 10 was released.
When I got my win10 machine last year, I simply connected the printer, turned it on and it was ready to print.
I did not install and drivers. Windows recognized the printer and it was ready to go.
Now, if you need to do detailed formatting of print material, this may not work.
But, if the formatting is all done within your document; it's fine.
How old is your scanner?
What brand and model is it?
Don't quit yet.

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Mike and All:

I'm not 100% sure that there aren't drivers that will allow me to use the printer and scanner on the Windows 10 Pro.

Before I got the Win 10 last fall, I thought Microsoft had some tool where one could check and see if existing Win 7 printers and scanners would work on Windows 10 Pro. Someone posted a link that sounded like it would give me the information, but I couldn't get the information.
I'm pretty sure the tech who installed the new computer checked the companies' web sites, but I'm sure he told me the printer and scanner wouldn't work on Windows 10 Pro and he set things up so I can continue to use the printer and scanner with the Windows 7 machine.

I don't print a lot and primarily just scan snail mail , so the setup worked okay until a recent project when having a printer and scanner on the new machine would have been a big help.

Since I'd rather not buy new equipment if I don't have to earlier

I looked on the HP site to try to find out if there was a driver for the printer that might solve the problem, but wasn't successful in finding anything about Windows 10 and my model. I'm going to try again and will try to get their tech support. I think I remember seeing something about HP tech support not helping if one doesn't have the serial number, but I could well be wrong.

Do you know if Microsoft has some compatibility tool like I thought there was or what to look for on the HP and Xerox sites?



On 6/26/2020 1:04 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Margaret,
Is it possible to get and install updated drivers so your current
equipment will work with Windows 10?

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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please everybody.
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Could you post what you find out about the controls? I'm finding this
thread of great interest since, apparently, I can't use the HP
LaserJet printer and Xerox scanner that I have on Windows 7 on the
Windows 10 Pro and have to switch computers to print and scan. I'm
considering an all-in-one and would prefer buttons.



On 6/26/2020 12:02 PM, Holly wrote:
> Chris:
> I am having trouble finding a new printer like the one you have. It
may > not be available anymore. There is an upgrade to a Xerox
B215DNI > Monochrome Multifunction Printer, but not sure of the controls.
> I may call Amazon accessibility and see what they think.
> Appreciate your help.

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