Re: what devices are most successfully used to access Facebook Cell phones or computers??

Jim Wohlgamuth

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I also use my PC as well as my Galaxy Note 10+.  I find it to be much easier on my cell.  Good Luck!


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On 27-Jun-20 15:19, Susie Stageberg wrote:


I do Facebook on three devices: the desktop, running Windows 7 and JAWS 2020; my iPhone running iOs 12 something; and my BrailleNote Touch Plus, where I run the Facebook app. On the computer, I use the mobile Facebook site rather than the "big" site, which I find to be cluttered. The desktop is my favorite way to do it; it's easiest to get to all the things I want. The other devices are mostly for when I'm away from the desktop, (or my husband has commandeered it to do genealogy)! The phone works fine if you just want to do a quick check, and the BrailleNote with the app   does some things very well (plus I like being able to do it "silently" using just Braille.)



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On Jun 27, 2020 1:23 PM, Terrilynne Pomeroy <tl717375@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I would like to know what devices are most successfully used to access Facebook? And if you are using a computer, Please add your version of Windows and your screen reading software.


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