Re: free tutorials for learning Win10?

heather albright

I found this link by the AFB: ANd for office 2016
American foundation of the blind
If you put jaws, nvda, narrator, accessibility and than put
free tutorials for learning Win10 in youtube, videos do come up!

You can even include just the windows10 start menu in the mix, videos will come up. If you have a youtube to mp3 comverter, you can organize them for the needs of that student.

I think CathyAnne Murtha is still teaching a free windows 10 course or if not, I do not think it cost that much; she uses the zoom platform!

Cheers Heather

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Morning all,

I will be starting with a new student in July. She is wanted to learn win10. Unfortunately, she doesn't have lots of funds, so I am looking for free tutorials to use as text books. Any info would be appreciated.

Ann P.

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