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heather albright

Well, it is official, there is a power short with my ports and that is why I am having sound issues. So no matter what I do I will have the same issues. Darn, I was wondering what was going on as all my levels were set at 100 percent and the volume would never stay at that level. It would cost less to just get a knew pc apparently. Has something to do with the mother board. I did notice the usb ports in the in front were not working all that well, I assumed they just did not get enough power so I just used the ones in the back I really like my FiiO it did make my sound a lot better if the sound was not being affected. Thanks for everyone’s help!

Cheers Heather



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Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2020 1:51 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] using FiiO E10K USB DAC


I did get a response from  the store who told me about FiiO E10K USB DAC.

So if anyone plans on buying one here is what they said.

We do not have experience with assistive technology but we will attempt to describe the functions of your FiiO E10K. On one side, you have the volume knob and 3.5mm output for connecting to headphones. There is a toggle switch between the volume knob and 3.5mm jack. This is for bass boost; the switch is off when toggled toward the 3.5mm jack. When toggled toward the volume knob, bass boost is on. On the other side of the E10K are the USB port, 3.5mm line out for speakers, coaxial digital output, and a gain toggle switch. The toggle switch is between the coaxial jack, a circular protrusion, and the 3.5mm line out jack, an almost flush small circular hole. Low gain is toward the coaxial jack side, while high gain is toggle toward the 3.5mm jack.

The E10K is powered by the USB connection and adheres to USB power standards. Even if the unit is plugged into a laptop, the laptop will supply power via USB.”


So far it is working like a charm with the speakers! There is no distortion from the sound.


Cheers Heather




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Sent: Friday, June 26, 2020 1:14 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] using FiiO E10K USB DAC


Well, so far this seems to be working with my desktop. The speech is not getting loud and quiet, thank god!

I have been playing with it for about an hour and I just received it this morning.

I was wondering if someone who has this

DAC can explain all the features in English for dummies.

I tried to e-mail the company and have not received a response.

I have connected to the usb port, the 3.0 usb port off the back of the desktop.

It has a knob that turns it own and the bose speakers are plugged in to the 3.5 jack off the back of the DAC, well not sure wich is the back and the front but, they are plugged in to the same side as the usb connection is on.

Their is a switch, not sure what it does, something about high gain mode and not sure what it is on.

It has 2 channels according to what I was reading off the settings for the


It can put out adobe digital sound and microsoft sound and one other sound that was not checked.

Not sure what I should have it on for share mode it had seven settings to choose from.

So any help would be much appreciated.

Thank everyone for all the tips and help in my jerney.

Cheers Heather




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