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heather albright

I went to file type associations again, somehow it switched back to edge. So I had to manually switch it back to PDF. So now there is no look for an app off this computer, you only get look for an app from the microsoft store! Why, they do not have k1000 if I wanted to open my pdf files the store does not have it! I do not have k-light as an option to open audio files. I went to windows i and typed files and arrowed down choose a file type for each application. I was trying to set all the file types so in the future they all open in the applications I want them to open up in! I hope it does not change on me. I think the last time I set my file types was before I updated to 1909. Windows needs to do something or jaws, I would have so much faster if I could have done letter navigation to get directly to pdf, ogg, jpeg etc. Anyone know of a quicker way of setting file type associations?
Thanks Heather

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I am open the files off the e-mails they send me. I have adobe opening PDF files. My default browser is brave. SO I am confused as to why it o=wants to open the files in edge! Thanks Heather
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Hi Heather,

Are you opening these files from your browser, or from File Explorer?

On 30/06/2020 9:30 am, heather albright wrote:
Hello, my teacher sends me PDF files and RTF files and they keep opening edge instead of adobe or word. I checked, and i have it set for PDF files to open in adobe so why are they opeing up in edge. I do not use edge? Is there something I need to change? Thanks Heather

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