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Thank you for answering my question. Yeah, I think this app will be too much for your phone. I have an iPhone 11 with the latest version of iOS 13. Mini apps work better with newer iPhones with the latest version of iOS. Especially the larger apps.

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Yes, sorry I forgot to mention that. I used this app with an IPhone 6. I must add some of the issues might be due to my old phone. This is a large app, about 449 mb. This will likely be too much for my IPhone 6's 1gb memory.

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Do these appliances work with an iPhone app as well? Just asking because I have the iPhone.


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A few additional points. Firstly, a new version of smart things appears to have come out, which might have resolved some issues. Secondly, the app can be paired ith voice assistants, such as bixby, cortana, Alexa, and Google assistant. You can then set these options for wash and dry this way, thus bypassing the interface of the app or control panel.

But all in all, I must say tthis washer and dryer set is honestly the most accessible touch screen applyance I have seen. Despite app accessibility issues, the audio feedback and app monitoring makes it possible to use the machines independantly to a large extent, and even totally.

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So a few weeks ago, I got the samsung washer and dryer installed in my apartment, and want to share my experience. So, pairing the washer and dryer to the app is accessible, but you need someone to describe where the smart control button is, as you have to press it several times during the process. When controling a wash, while selecting a wash is accessible, it doesn't seem to be possible to select options such as temperature, rince, spin etc. You can click on the buttons, but in most cases, nothing happens. And sometimes, when something does happen, you can only see the top and lowest option, for example, with temperature, you see the hot, and cold options. Also, downloaded cycles are not labeled, so they are all read as "," button. Additionally, I can only see the rince, spin, temperature, soil level, and super speed options in the controls. I cannot see several other options that the washer has on the panel, such as steam, pre-soak, delay end, alarm status etc. As several sighted reviews say the app offers a way to control all options, I would assume I haven't been able to see those other options.

Now these issues have their solutions. It is actually easier to control the washer through the panel, as the touch buttons are accessible. There is a letter s on the right side of the panel, right to the left of it is the start button, above S is a p, to the left to that is the power button. To the left of the start button, unlabeled is the smart control button. The right top corner of the panel has an unlabeled delay end button. Towards the middle of the panel are two unlabeled buttons, pre-soak and steam. Pre-soak is directly above steam. You can find these, as if you press one, and turn it on, you will hear an ascending tone, and a descending tone when it is off. At the bottom of the panel, are four buttons indicated with a single braille dot. The one to the left is temperature, the one next to it is rince, the one next to that one is spin, and the final one is soil level. As you press each one, a tone that goes higher the level is played. When a program locks in an option so it cannot be changed, you can hear an error tone. You can hear this yourself by turning the dial to the sanatize cycle and trying to change the temperature. There are also super speed and alarm on/off buttons, which I believe are at the buttom part of the panel near the program buttons. The super steam button might be near the bottom right of the panel. The alarm status saves across poweroff, so if you turn it off, it stays that way until you turn it back on. The dial of the machine clicks into place, and is fully digital, not analog. See it as a button functioning as arrow keys. When you power on and off, the washer, the place where the dial is set at is reset back to the original. which is the normal cycle. The machine also beeps when you turn the dial, and plays a different tone when you wrap back to the beginning of the list, the normal cycle. To resolve the app configuration issue, I turn on the app, power on the washer, and use the app to know what program the dial is turned to. As you turn the dial, swipe back and forth and the program showing on your phone as the selected one will update along with the display on the washer. Note that you don't have to enable smart control to see this. The monitoring function of the app is sufficient. To resolve the downloaded cycle issue, you can use several methods. You can iether go to set default downloaded cycle in the app, which will allow to read the order of the cycles, and chose the cycles in the cycle list according to the same order, or change the default downloaded cycle on the panel, and then configure the wash options from there. The second method is superior, as it doesn't require memorization and allows you to change wash options.

I contacted Samsung about the accessibility issues with the app, but I was told the standard things, to reinstall the app, to try to re-add the washer, and they were very insistant that I provide a screen recording log of the errors, despite me telling them many times that the issues did not generate any visible errors, but were due to the app not behaving expectedly. I then left a low rating for the app, and received a response from the developer, telling me to file an issue on family hub, which I did.

Hope this really lengthy e-mail is of help to someone.

I also forgot to mention that these things I said about the washer also apply exactly to the matching dryer as well, though the options and their layout is probably different for the dryer. I idn't try to know all of them, as I usually don't change alot of options with my dry, but I think the first of the four braille buttons at the bottom is the dryness level, the second is temperature, the third is time dry.

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