Re: wifi boosters?


There are a lot of variables here.

1, what's the make and model of the router you have?

2, are you sending both voice and video?

3, is the teamtalk server on your network or somewhere on the net?

4, what kind of material are the walls made of between you and the router?

5, how many bars of wifi signal do you have when you're 30 feet away from the router?

6, does it work on a cell connection?

7, does voice drop completely where you can't here anyone and they can't here you? or does only one side of the connection drop?

Voice communications are not as demanding on bandwidth as some might think but you do have to have a completely solid connection to make it work.


On 7/3/2020 2:05 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I don't know if it's a wifi booster that I need but I chat with friends using the team talk app on my iPhone 7 every morning and if I go outside, even though I'm no more than 30 feet from my router my connection to the server gets dropped quite often for a few seconds at a time.

I've called Spectrum and they've come and checked my router, once they said there was no problems and the second time they changed the router, but I still have the problem. Would a wifi booster help this problem and if so which one if the best? Btw when I'm using team talk to chat online is the only time that I have this problem of my connection dropping, and the further away I get from the router the problem seems to get worse.



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