Dual boot WinXP and Win10 #a11y


I'm planning to dual boot Windows XP and Windows 10. My computer would be compatible with XP but there are an exception, my SATA Hard Disk. I found in a Spanish page an unattended Windows XP which don't have any drivers. I collected all realtec audio driver inf files and SATA drivers, but NLite don't allow me to use it, gives me some errors and apparently don't show me any window to search the folder of the drivers. I see another possibility, use a Talking Preinstallation Environment. I read in this group that there were a Windows XP Talking Preinstallation Environment and a Windows 7 Talking Preinstallation Environment, but that link don't work. What TWPE can I use to install Windows XP without problems? Before installing it, I will Install Windows 10 in another partition.

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