ports on mother board for connecting SATA drives


Hello list
Is a specific SATA port selected for a specific drive when installing
Windows? A few weeks ago I cloned my hard drive with Casper software. At
that time my c-drive was connected to the upper right SATA port and the
cloned drive was connected to the lower right port. Due to a stupidity I
damaged the port of my C-hard drive. I unplugged it and the cloned drive
booted correctly. I now want to clone that drive but for some reason when I
plug a newly formatted drive into any of the other SATA ports the pc does
not "see" it. When I unplug the previously cloned drive and move it to the
upper right port the pc does not want to boot, i.e. the pc only boots when
the previously cloned drive is in the lower right port where it was during
the clone, hence my question if a drive is allocated to a specific port?
When I put the newly formatted drive into an external drive bay the pc
"sees" the drive and it works perfectly. Can anyone please learn me how this

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