Re: Where O' Where Did My Siri Go?

Greg Wocher

You probably need to go into Siri’s settings and switch the voice from the American female to either the American male or one of the other English voices. There seems to be a bug right now keeping the American female Siri voice from speaking results. Once you hear the beeps indicating that Siri has heard you, you should be able to find the results on screen using explore by touch.

Greg Wocher

On Jul 4, 2020, at 9:30 AM, Ron Canazzi <> wrote:

Hi Group,

first of all, I was very afraid of the iPhone and although I saw its power, I was very reticent to get one. Finally I got one and despite all my fears, I was able to master the touch gestures and VoiceOver navigation techniques with relative ease. Long story short: I almost never use Siri. I wanted to find out some trivia information earlier today and I pressed the home key and said: 'Hey Siri: What President's last name ends with the letter 'T?' There was no answer. I tried it again. I tried asking simpler questions--still no go. I turned off VoiceOver. I went to settings/Siri and Search and everything was supposedly enabled.

Maybe she's mad at me for ignoring her for over a year. I joke, but seriously, what could have happened that she doesn't respond at all?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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