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Sugar Lopez

Hi all

I have an issue.

I share several folders on my drop box.

I have a short cut on my desk top and when I open it it takes me directly to my shared folders.

Now there is one folder that is empty, it is suppose to have 5 files in it.

If I enter on this folder I tab to find the treeview (think it’s called) but it will say what is open or closed.

This folder is always closed, so I arrow to the right to open.

Then I go down each file and do the same

Then the files show up.

When I close out, I go back and once again this folder is closed and there is no files inside.

How can I keep this folder open? So that I can keep receiving files?

It is a music folder and it is the only one that is doing this.

And drop box does not show up on my system tray, it use to.

I have gone to the icons to check it but it is no where to be found.


I have contacted drop box but no success there.



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