Re: Converting VLC Video Files to Audio

Lisa Belville

They're burned onto the CD as video files.  The extension is .VOB, and I can't find any other program on my PC that can open them other than VLC.

Lisa Belville

On 7/4/2020 7:38 PM, Gene wrote:
When you look at the CD, are the files actual video files with extensions of video files or do you have to rip the CD first to get the files onto your computer as video files?

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Hi, all.  I have a CD with a couple of video files that play in VLC
media player.  I rarely use VLC and want to convert these to an audio
format I can either upload to dropbox or play on my Sansa Clip Zip.

I'm using Windows 10 64 bit and NVDA.

I know there are shareware programs to do this, but figured this list
would be the quickest way to find the easiest and most accessible software.



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