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Mike B.

Hi All,
Running both the latest 1909 and 2004 Win-10 with Jaws2020 latest and NVDA latest, with MS Edge & Google Chrome latest.
Okay, we go to the ADT portal website to access our security cameras and to turn on / off the alarms for both houses.
If my wife wants to watch live views for either house we get a message stating that we need to install the latest Adobe Flash Player, but we do have the latest Player installed.  I've been into settings and tried to set the flash player settings to, Allow, on both the Edge & Chrome browsers, but the settings don't stay even while in the same session.  Also we get a pop-up that is there for only a brief second stating an add-on has been blocked, and I'm pretty sure it's the Flash Player add-on that's being blocked.  Well, we don't have any Flash add-ons / extensions installed so it has to be blocking the installed Flash Player from programs & features.
I have tried to find the Flash Player add-on / extension for both browsers hoping this would solve this problem, but can't find 1 anywhere.  The only way my wife can watch live video is by clicking a, Lock, to the left of the address bar, choosing, Allow, for the Flash Player, and then and only then can she watch live video streams.  But, this setting only works during the current session.
Does anyone know of any tweaks that will allow Flash Player to work for all sessions?  Also, does anyone know how to access the, Lock, next to the address bar using a screen reading program?
All help and input will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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