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Troy Burnham

Does windows defender automatically get enabled again after reboot? I followed the instructions below to disable windows defender so I could try to do a system restore that had been being blocked, and the system restore was successful this time but I can't tell if windows defender is enabled again now.


On 7/4/2020 7:50 AM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Rich,
For Windows 10 1909, 18363.900, try the following:
1. Press, Windows key + I, for settings, tab 1 time to, System, press the, End key, to take you to, Update and Security, and press enter.
2. Tab 1 time into the list, down arrow to, Windows Security, and press enter.
3. Tab 2 times to the, Virus and threat protection button, and press enter.
4. Tab to the, Virus and threat protection manage settings link, and press enter.
5. You should be on, Real Time protection, press the spacebar to uncheck this, that's it.

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I need to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10 in order to do some
testing. What is the easiest way to do this?

Rich De Steno

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