Need Help with Thunderbird

Evan Reese

Hey Guys,

I had some major problems with the unsupported Windows Live Mail, so I dumped it and got Thunderbird.

I've gotten it working pretty well so far, but I am having some issues with it.

The main one is that I cannot import my messages from Windows Live Mail.

I found some instructions, but they do not seem to apply to my version of Thunderbird.

I was told to export the WLM messages in .eml format, which I did.

Then create a new folder in my Thunderbird Local Folders section and then select it, which I also did.

Then, I was told to right click on that folder and find Import Export Tools. But that option isn't in my Context menu.

So I went out to Google and found an add-on called Import Export Tools and downloaded it.

I couldn't figure out where to put it, and the page where the file was located didn't tell me, so I once again went to Google and looked up how to install an add-on from a file. I followed the instructions and was told that the add-on was incompatible with my version of Thunderbird, version 68.10.1. Apparently, there are newer versions of Thunderbird. I wasn't aware that I was getting an older version when I got it a couple weeks ago.

I'm using a Windows 7 laptop, which I hope to replace in the not too distant future, but I'd like to get my old WLM messages imported before then.

A related problem is that I do not see any way to update Thunderbird in any of the menus.

So you can see, I need a bit of help. <smile>

I'm not sure how old this program is, so perhaps it's not quite ready for prime time yet. Surely, importing messages from other email clients is a pretty basic function that I shouldn't need an add-on to get, shouldn't it?

Oh, I did try to import from the Tools menu, but that didn't work. I only get two choices in there, Becky and Outlook. Neither one of those works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Much thanks.


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