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George McCoy

Also, make sure the download engine is up to date.  It's called youtube-dl.  sites try to defeat it and then its author defeats their attempts.  It's a cat and mouse game between them so you have to keep the engine up to date.

In version 2.x, press the alt key, to enter the menus.

Right arrow twice to options and press enter.

Then down arrow twice to update download engine and press enter.



On 7/4/2020 4:37 PM, heather albright wrote:
Ah, think I have to update mine woe! Thanks Heather
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I downloaded the file and converted it to mp3 audio with Pontes Media downloader v2.054.

On 7/3/2020 7:18 PM, heather albright wrote:
Hay, now my teacher is using

animations that have audio. Pontes Media Downloader is not picking these up. Is there another way? They call them info graphics. I have the link for coping with stress. I thought it would grab it like the other videos.

thanks Heather

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