great speaker stands for the desktop

heather albright

I got 2 sets of speakers stands for my jbl pebbles plugg and play speakers. Their both for small speakers. I got them when they were on sale.  The first is the Stageek Aluminum Desktop Speaker Stands:
The second is

Kanto S2 Desktop Speaker Stands for Small Speakers:

I just wanted to know if any one has the technical term as to why the first stands make my speakers sound better than the second pare.  I put them in the exact same place. Just to my ears the first speaker stands make my speakers sound better  than the second! My sighted room-mate thinks it is in my head; that is why I am asking because, i remember there was a technical term having  to do with sound placement.


But I think speaker stands make an overall better sound improvement for your computer set up.  I can recommend both of them. If anyone needs better sound from their speakers. Sometimes your tables with the speaker directly on them, muffles the sound or the vibrations of what your playing is distorted!



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