Re: Selling platforms


Just one point.

You tried BlindAds this week with one or two ads. there may have been
other reasons why no one replied like no one needed what you were
advertising, price was too high, etc. I've seen
people advertise something and not sell it until they reduced their
asking price. No one can say with any amount of certainty why your ad
didn't produce a sale. While BlindAds is mostly made up of US and
Canada list members we also have list members throughout the world.

Just thought I'd clear that up.

BTW there is at least one UK-based selling list. I actually advertise
on one and do get occasional sales from it.

Stay well,


On 7/7/20, Damien Garwood <> wrote:
Hi there,
Given that I am based in the UK, totally blind and have never had sight,
what's the best way for me to sell things?
Unless there is a way for blind people to not only make photos, but
guarantee their clarity and worthiness for public show, EBay isn't an
I have tried the BlindAds group but it seems they are mainly US members
and so I've had no responses from there.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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