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Evan Reese


Do you know how I can get my imported Contacts to be recognized by Thunderbird?

They were imported successfully, but they're in a separate file, and it appears that Thunderbird does not recognize them. When I try typing in an address in a new message, it is not automatically filled in the way addresses are from my Collected Addresses, the ones I got by simply replying to messages. Also, unlike those in my Collected Addresses, I cannot arrow through them and read their names, although I can edit them if I hit Enter on each one. I can search them though, so it appears that Thunderbird knows they are there, but won't fill them in when I start typing an email address.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



On 7/7/2020 1:30 AM, Billy Inglis wrote:

                Hi guys, I have a different issue with thunderbird. Wonder if anyone can help.

When I try to access the option menus, the menus come up all right, but there is no buttons at the bottom of the page to save changes you make.

Anyone know what is happening here. I am using the latest version, Billy


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From: Evan Reese
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Thanks Sam, that did the job.

I must have misheard something, or misunderstood something I heard. I did have an older version of the Import Export Tool. Getting the one from the link you sent, I got my old messages imported successfully.

Thanks again.

Great  list!



On 7/5/2020 6:37 PM, Sam Taylor wrote:

Hi Evan,


Thunderbird updates itself, and you are running the same version as I am, which is the latest.

You may not have downloaded the latest version of the add-on. The add-on below is from the official Thunderbird addons repository and claims it will work with versions between 60x and 70x:

Good luck




On 6/07/2020 7:49 am, Evan Reese wrote:

Hey Guys,

I had some major problems with the unsupported Windows Live Mail, so I dumped it and got Thunderbird.

I've gotten it working pretty well so far, but I am having some issues with it.

The main one is that I cannot import my messages from Windows Live Mail.

I found some instructions, but they do not seem to apply to my version of Thunderbird.

I was told to export the WLM messages in .eml format, which I did.

Then create a new folder in my Thunderbird Local Folders section and then select it, which I also did.

Then, I was told to right click on that folder and find Import Export Tools. But that option isn't in my Context menu.

So I went out to Google and found an add-on called Import Export Tools and downloaded it.

I couldn't figure out where to put it, and the page where the file was located didn't tell me, so I once again went to Google and looked up how to install an add-on from a file. I followed the instructions and was told that the add-on was incompatible with my version of Thunderbird, version 68.10.1. Apparently, there are newer versions of Thunderbird. I wasn't aware that I was getting an older version when I got it a couple weeks ago.

I'm using a Windows 7 laptop, which I hope to replace in the not too distant future, but I'd like to get my old WLM messages imported before then.

A related problem is that I do not see any way to update Thunderbird in any of the menus.

So you can see, I need a bit of help. <smile>

I'm not sure how old this program is, so perhaps it's not quite ready for prime time yet. Surely, importing messages from other email clients is a pretty basic function that I shouldn't need an add-on to get, shouldn't it?

Oh, I did try to import from the Tools menu, but that didn't work. I only get two choices in there, Becky and Outlook. Neither one of those works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Much thanks.



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