creating a set-up

heather albright

Hello, i am getting my mom's small 2016 samsung tv.
I wanted to increase the sound so, I am thinking about connected it to a pare of USB powered speakers that have a 3.5 to them.
I do not like bluetooth but, i am trying to limit the amount of cords.
So hoping to use my usb hubb and a 3.5 connection to the tv.
Do you guys think it will work?
1 tv connected to ac power, 1 set of USB powered speakers connected to the USB powered hubb and to the tv by a 3.5 cord. 
A firestick 4k connected to the HTMI port.
 I want to control the volume with the firestick remote.
 Right now, I have the firestick connect to a converter box which is connected to the fire stick and is connected to usb powered speakers with the 3.5 cord to the converter box. I realize I will not need the converter box any more wonce I get her tv. Her tv does work with the remote when the fire stick is on.  So if I want to change the volume with the connected speakers, will it work or will it only work for the speakers on the tv?
Thanks Heather

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