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Why don't you just use the Microsoft Tool (below) to do this update? I agree, one shouldn't need to use such a tool to upgrade, but as circumstantial evidence seems to show, in this case it would be helpful for whatever reasons it is that is inhibiting you from successfully updating.

Get Windows 10:

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Hi Group,

I sent a message to the list concerning my system's failure to update from Windows 10 1903 to 1909 a few days ago. I called Microsoft disability and they assured me that I could still upgrade. They sent me a link to what was supposed to be an ISO image that was supposed to contain Windows 10 1909. However, when I downloaded the file, it was indeed a CAB file, but it was only 60 KB in size and when I opened it it was some sort of XML FILE group. I didn't know what to do.

Is there some sort of program other than the standard zip programs that should be used in this case to start some sort of download of this ISO image? The woman at Microsoft spoke very poor English and I don't believe she explained any additional steps I would have to take to install the upgrade.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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