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Margaret Thomas

Hi, Mike:

Thank you very much. The choices that were offered bore much more of a resemblance to my system tray. I don't know if I just saw system tray and Windows 10 in the messages before and didn't read carefully enough or maybe tabbed somewhere instead of right arrowing or whatever.

I have a question. I have Windows security on in the system tray and whenever I look in the system tray, it always says no action needed. However, there have been several times since I got the Windows 10 last October that the only item involving shutdown when I've gone to shutdown the machine is update and shutdown. Are the two items separate and the update and shutdown is not a security thing? I try to be careful on the web, but anyone can make a mistake. Does this item change: Is it good to have it? I think safely remove hardware is sometimes in the overflow section when I have my external hard drive or Victor Reader Stream plugged in and I'm trying to make it easier to get to since the devices are precious.

Thank you again,


On 7/10/2020 1:17 PM, Mike B wrote:
Hi Margaret,
See if this helps:
1. Windows key + I, for Settings, then tab 1 time to, System.
2. Navigate / right arrow to, Personalization, press enter, then tab 1 time to get into the list of categories.
3. Down arrow to, Taskbar, press enter.
4. Tab several times to,Select which icons appear on the Taskbar link, press enter.
5. Tab through these icons, & press the spacebar to toggle or turn off / On.  If an item is checked it's, On, if it's unchecked it's, Off.  As you check / uncheck items here, you can press, Insert + F11, to open the System Tray to see if the results are taking effect.
6. Press, Alt + F4, to close, there's not an Okay button to tab to.
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Hi, All:
I think I'm confused about the system tray in Windows 10 Pro.  I'm not
finding JAWS listed and it should be there and there are other items  I
might like to remove from it.
I thought I found posts from list members that would allow me to add
what I wanted and remove some excess.
On 12/31/2017 3:18 PM, Michael Boyd wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> Try opening the start menue, tabbing twice, then arrowing down to
> “Settings”. Then in settings, select “Personalization.” Now, in
> personalization, tab down to “Task Bar”, and select this, tab down to
> “Turn System Icons On or Off” and open this. Turn the items that you
> want to appear on and the ones that you don’t off. Unfortunately, in
> Windows 10, you do not have the option to customize the system tray like
> you did in earlier versions of Windows. You have to do this customizing
> in the Task Bar now.
> Michael
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> Hi, how do I show and hide notifications in the system tray?

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