Re: Help with cracked phone screen

Gerald Levy

Depends on the brand of phone.  If it is made by a mainstream electronics giant like Samsung, LG or Apple, a Best Buy store or even a neighborhood cell phone store should be able to fix a cracked screen.  But if the phone is one of those specialized phones designed for blind consumers like the BlindShell Classic or Smart Vision, which is made by an obscure, overseas company with no facilities in the US, you are probably screwed, because no Best Buy or phone store will touch it, and you will be out of luck. So take care of that $700 Smart Vision, because if you drop it and crack the screen, you can probably kiss it goodbye, and you will have to pony up another $700 for a new one.


On 7/11/2020 7:38 AM, Loy wrote:
An Apple Store, Best Buy, batteries plus bulbs, all can do this.

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