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Gerald Levy

Now that I have seen IRIE's repair policy,I stand by by previous assertion that getting it repaired could be a real hassle.  And by the way, what is the warranty on the Smart Vision phone, and why aren't the terms of the warranty posted on IRIE's web site?  What are they trying to hide?  Is the warranty one year?  Two years? 90 days?  Inquiring minds want to know about the warranty as well as the repair policy before they plunk down $700.  Not surprisingly, IRI doesn't pay for shipping, which many other more consumer-friendly companies cover.  No way to engender satisfied customers.   And recently, I listened to an Accessible World Tech Talk presentation on the Smart Vision, which amounted to nothing but a sales pitch.  To my disappointment, and undoubtedly the disappointment of other listeners, the phone was not demonstrated.  All the IRIE representative did was prun down a list of all its blind friendly features, but astonishingly, did not demonstrate any of them, or even offer a basic demonstration of its speech output.  What was he hiding?  If this phone is so great, then demonstrate its capabilities, don't just sit there and tell us about them, and expect blind consumers to buy it on faith alone. This is a major reason why Odin Mobile and the Lucia phone were abject failures. Oh, and about Kapsys.  Didn't they try to market a blind-friendly GPS system in the US a few years ago called the Captain or something like that?  How did that work out?  No match for the GPS devices from Humanware.  So they don't exactly have a stellar track record that would inspire confidence in their products.     Oh and by the way, when was the last time France put a man in space?  So much for their technology innovation and leadership.


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Hi all,

Thank you, Norma.  This is an excellent post!  As a Smart Vision2 user, and as one who has listened to Eeyore's rantings on this subject before now, I am grateful for the factual information to back up my claim of excellent service from Irie-AT.  Apparently, they have a technician on site who repairs their phones.  This is excellent news.

Now, as to Kapsys being an obscure company, do you live in France, Eeyore?  Do you speak French?  Do you have contact with any organizations for the blind in France?  If you did, you might discover that Kapsys is quite well known in France.  France is not Togo or one of the island nations in the Pacific.  It is a member of the EU, and covers quite a bit of land.  It has a long and respected history.  Its language is taught to students in high school.  Unfortunately, the United States is no longer the be all and end all for technology, world policy or anything else.  We are no longer the first in innovation.  You better get used to the facts Eeyore, the U.S. is currently a laughing stock for the whole world!

So, just because *you* don't know anything about a French company called Kapsys, doesn't mean it is obscure or unknown in other parts of the world.  You might want to quit being so insular.

Ann P.

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I'm posting this because, as a retailer myself, I would not want anyone spreadinng lies about my products.
Corvallis, Oregon USA
1-888-308-0059 (toll free)
+1 541-360-3007
Standard Repair Policy
Irie-AT strives to provide our customers with the best product support and after-purchase care. In the event that your product is defective or you require service, please consult your warranty paperwork to determine the eligibility for service.
What is the repair policy?
If the product failure occurs during the warranty period:
Parts and labor will be covered, unless the damage falls outside of the standard warranty coverage. If the damage falls outside of the warranty coverage please see details below.
If the product failure occurs outside the warranty period:
All non-warranty repairs will be charged at standard shop rates.
An Irie-AT Service Technician will inspect the unit and generate a repair quote to provide an estimate of potential charges before proceeding. Once the user authorizes the charges, the Irie-AT Service Technician will proceed with the repair. Upon completion of the repair an invoice will be created and payment will be required before the unit is returned.
Shipping is not included unless specifically indicated be an authorized Irie-AT representative.
Irie-AT is not responsible for any damage that occurs during inbound transport. Should damage occur, Irie-AT will contact the customer immediately so that a shipping claim can be filed if necessary. If damage occurs during outbound shipping please take pictures of the damage and contact Irie-AT immediately resolve the issue.
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Depends on the brand of phone.  If it is made by a mainstream electronics giant like Samsung, LG or Apple, a Best Buy store or even a neighborhood cell phone store should be able to fix a cracked screen. But if the phone is one of those specialized phones designed for blind consumers like the BlindShell Classic or Smart Vision, which is made by an obscure, overseas company with no facilities in the US, you are probably screwed, because no Best Buy or phone store will touch it, and you will be out of luck. So take care of that $700 Smart Vision, because if you drop it and crack the screen, you can probably kiss it goodbye, and you will have to pony up another $700 for a new one.


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