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heather albright

I wanted to know if their is going to be exhibit hall or how that works? I have been playing around with it and there is nothing for exhibit hall. Are we going to have this?

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I've played around with it so if you have a specific question maybe I
can help. When you first download it, you type in nfb2020 in the
search (keeping in mind it is lower case and all one word) then in the
event ID you type nfb2020 in again. It will ask you to enter the info
you registered for the convention with (I don't remember if you can
look at it without at least entering some info) then it will take you
to your profile screen. You can enter as much or as little as you want
others to see (or none at all). The info for the convention is very
accessible. When you are in the schedule of events, if you double tap
on an event you are interested in, it has a Zoom link to that event, a
description of it and you can set a reminder for that event and even
add it to a schedule of things you want to attend. Like I said it is
one of the most accessible event apps I've come across.

You can also use the website for the event :
Event password: nfb2020


On 7/12/20, Sharon Hooley <> wrote:

I want to start using the CrowdCompass IOS app for the NFB convention. Does
anyone know where to get detailed accessible help to learn how?


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