Re: The facts about getting a SmartVision phone repaired

Abbie Taylor

Hi all,
I also listened to the tech talk presentation on this phone. Although the sales representtive from IrieATT didn't demonstrate the device, I found the program quite helpful. 
I recently bought a BlindShell phone, and I love it for its ease of use and accessibility of everything on the phone. But it has had its problems, and I had to replace the unit once already in the two months I've had it. I can't help wondering what will go wrong with the phone next. Since this is my only phone, that's scary.
I'm planning to email BlindShell in the hope that the current bug with dictation can be fixed. If not, I may more seriously consider the Kapsis Smart Vision 2. 
I've already checked out some of the videos on the IrieATT site and read the user manual, but I still have questions. Ann tells me the folks at IrieATT are great. So, I may call them if necessary. I never dreamed I'd want a smart phone, since my BrailleNote Touch Plus does just about everything an Android phone can do. But it might be nice to have one with buttons and not have to use a blessed touch screen, even if the device does have quite a learning curve. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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