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There's an app for smart phones. I assume there is a test but I don't know that. but it wouldn't make sense to offer a test for computer users and not for app users.


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From: Kay Malmquist
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Does this test work with an iPhone? I'd like to hear just what my audio
sounds like off my phone.

Kay Malmquist

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Here is the link for the test meeting. If you have problems, let us know.

If the window opens properlyafter you press the join button, tab around and
see what you see. Use join with audio if that is the only thihng that
applies. Then tab around again. You will probably see a way to test your
audio and your microphone. The audio test may start by itself after you
join with audio.
To test with the microphone, press the button that applies with the space
bar, talk for a few seconds then stop. If things are working well, you
should hear yourself shortly after you stop talking.

You can probably tab around the interface as well and see the things I
discussed earlier or if you are using a tutorial, see the things discussed
in it.

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From: Gene via
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2020 12:17 PM
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there is some sort of way to get into a test site run by Zoom. I tried it
months ago and you can test your audio level and microphone level. I may be
able to find the page if no one knows it. If you test the microphone and
hear no audio, that doesn't necessarily mean your microphone isn't working.
You may need to change the source in volume control so the Microphone audio
is sent to Zoom.

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From: Margaret Thomas
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Thanks to everyone who replied. There's possible good news. I found my
microphone. It's been there for ages and I have never used it. I may
have gotten it with the XP machine. Is there any way of testing it
somewhere before the workshop so I can tell them if I need the landline?



On 7/12/2020 3:16 PM, Margaret Thomas wrote:
Hi, All:

A local agency is having a virtual workshop later this month that I want
to attend. "All of the workshops will be held at 11 AM on Zoom.
Participants can participate via phone or video." I don't have a
microphone and my phone is a landline. After I register, and ,
presumably, get the invitation, will I still be able to attend? I just
read a slew of posts about Zoom, but the people who mentioned attending by
phone all had smart phones. My computer is a Win 10 desktop.



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