Issue With AMD Radiant Graphic/Display Settings With Windows 10 Upgrade

Ron Canazzi

Hi group,

I recently upgraded Windows 10 version 1903 to Windows 10version 1909.  Everything seemed to go just fine and everything works great with speech and NVDA.  However when I boot the system, I get a message as follows:
Windows cannot find the AMD Radiant Graphics device or the driver for this device is malfunctioning.  Please install the proper drivers for this device."  Now before the upgrade, when I looked at the system tray, there indeed was an icon called Radiant graphics manager.  Now when I look at the system tray, there is an icon called Intel registered HD graphics.

I went to the radiant website and downloaded a package of drivers and did an install.  Now the installation software was not that accessible. I clicked on a button during the early stages of the installation that I thought might be the install button. After a minute or so, the window closed with no verbal indication of any kind.  But when I boot the system, I still get the error about the radiant graphics device.

A long time ago, the late great Carlos who founded the Tech Talk mailing list gave a detailed description as to how to troubleshoot such issues.  I cannot find the e-mail he sent years ago.

Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.

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