Re: How to get into CMOS with speech access

Howard Traxler

Way, Way back in the old days:
I connected a Braille Blazer (Braille embosser) to the parallel port on my computer.  Then, when I got into the BIOS screen, I could do a print screen and the entire screen was sent to either Braille or speech via the Blazer.  By reading the Braille or listening to the speech, one could find differences based on the result of a recent key press.

Very slow process, and big waste of paper; but it did get the job done.


On 7/14/2020 6:14 AM, Smiling? wrote:
What it sounds like you are truly speaking of is not CMOS, but what is
called the BIOS.

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is where the boot sequence (boot order)
is determined for the machine and how you the user gets to this, is
different for each various machine.

Just go online and search for your make and BIOS keystroke.

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Hello list
I am just wondering if, after so many years, if there is a way to access
CMOS. I want to change the boot sequence but to get sighted assistance who
knows about CMOS is a challenge and I do not want to unplug everything to
take the pc to a shop.

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