wifi drive question


Hello list
This is perhaps a very stupid question but it might solve my problem. I have
a WD wifi drive but it loses the network connection frequently. Now I did a
reset and I did the following, as described in the manual, to explain the
below question: I navigated to the network item and selected the wifi drive
as network. I typed the password and it connected. I activated Google Chrome
and typed the ip address of the drive network. On the page I selected wifi
and my router network name appeared. I selected that and after typing the
password I got the message that the wifi drive is connected. Now for my
question: on the systray it still shows the wifi drive as network with the
words "internet access". Should I leave that as is i.e. that will then
access the internet via my normal router or must I select my router network
as the active network? I hope the experts understand what I am asking. In
the past I selected my router network and that may just be why my wifi drive
lost connection.

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