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Reputable or not, that .doesn't mean the machine doesn't have problems. Machines can develop problems at any time without warning. I would never buy a used computer from a person. First, I doubt a person would give you the kind of return option a store would. I have bought a refurbished computer from a reputable store. it has served me well, but even from the store, there were minor errors in the way the computer was configured. They don't affect anything that matters, but they are present.

.How do I know the person I'm buying a computer from really knows it has no malware on it? If the person formatted the hard drive and installed a completely clean version of Windows, then that shouldn't be a worry, but I'd want to know, beyond a doubt, that that was done. If the person left the existing copy of Windows on the machine, whatever else he removed, how do I know the computer is clean? No malware program knows about all malware. Some malware interferes with antimalware programs.

A computer may develop a hardware problem at any time. Though unlikely, hard drives do fail without warning. A reputable store, in my opinion, where Windows is completely reinstalled before sale, as was done with my machine, is safer.

If I were going to buy a refurbished computer today, I'd buy one from Computers For The Blind, unless I had needs for more power that there computers can't meet.

In your case, reinstalling Windows may be your only reasonable option. I hope the disappearing of Windows, which should never happen on a properly functioning machine unless the user commits grave error, makes me suspicious that there is a serious hardware problem.

I'm not a tech and others may disagree with me but I think it is important to discuss such matters.


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Casting no disspersions. But, I bought this machine from the Blind Ads list. The person that I got it from is quite reputable and I have bought machines from him before.
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´╗┐Many people reinstall Windows on new machines but I wonder if you should send it back for an exchange or a different machine. This mayindicate some sort of hardware problem or perhaps something else I don't know enough about to discuss. but if I got a new machine and Windows disappeared, I'd really wonder if I should fool around with a machine that behaved so unexpectedly.

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Sent from my iPhoneI just got a new computer. I was able to install Jaws. But the other day, Narrator said that I needed to reinstall Windows 2010.
I even tried resetting the computer but to no avail. It looks like Windows needs to be reinstalled.
Where can I find Windows 2010 and would I need to install it from some sort of drive?
This whole thing is something I never expected to run into especially from a new machine. Thanks. Oh, one more detail. I do remember performing a Windows update before this happened.

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