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Troy Burnham

Thanks Mike, I'll save this note this time lol.


On 7/15/2020 8:59 PM, Mike B wrote:

1. Press, Windows key + I, to open Settings, tab 1 time to, System, now navigate to Update and Security and press enter.
2. Tab 1 time into your list of categories, down arrow to, Windows Security, and press enter.
3. Tab 1 time to, Windows Security button, and press the spacebar.
4. Up / down arrow to, Virus and Threat Protection, press enter.  Now tab several times to Virus and Threat Protection settings manage settings link, press enter.
5. You should hear Jaws report, Real Time Protection button checked.  To turn this off uncheck this checkbox by pressing the spacebar.  You're going to get a notification from Windows stating security risk stuff so ignore this message and press, Alt + F4, to close.  Remember to turn it back on when you're done doing whatever.
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Hi all,

Some instructions were given very recently for disabling windows
defender in windows 10, could somebody repost those instructions please?



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