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Gerald Levy

I agree with Gene.  It sounds to me like the hard drive could be defective, and so reinstalling Windows10  may not fix the problem.  Who is this Kevin guy?  Does he have a web site that describes the computers he sells?  Or is he just someone who tinkers with computers as a hobby and sells them to blind consumers?  What kind of warranty does he offer, and are its terms posted anywhere online?  Or do you just have to accept the terms of the warranty on faith?  No matter how "reliable" Kevin may seem, if he doesn't offer some kind of definitive warranty, preferably of at least one year, then I would be wary about doing business with him. By contrast, Computers for the Blind has a web site that describes the refurbished computers they sell and the terms of their one year warranty. I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but as always, caveat emptor.


On 7/17/2020 5:32 AM, Smiling? wrote:
If you don't have any problems with installing Windows, the Microsoft
Upgrade Tool link below should be a tremendous help assisting you. Just
start Narrator and this way, Narrator will automatically start each time the
computer does its reboots.

Create Windows 10 installation media:

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Sent from my iPhoneI just got a new computer. I was able to install Jaws.
But the other day, Narrator said that I needed to reinstall Windows 2010.
I even tried resetting the computer but to no avail. It looks like Windows
needs to be reinstalled.
Where can I find Windows 2010 and would I need to install it from some sort
of drive?
This whole thing is something I never expected to run into especially from a
new machine. Thanks. Oh, one more detail. I do remember performing a Windows
update before this happened.

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