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Monte Single

Yes, the braille blaster is a translation software.  As it is a free version, it may not be as developed as duxbury

Here is the link to  the dux home page;


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So is Braille Blaster a Braille translation program, like Duxbury? Is Duxbury still around, does anyone know? When I had a Blazer, I embossed directly from my BrailleNote Apex via a USB to serial converter. I wore out two Blazers.' The Blazer is a good little machine; neither of mine lasted very long, but they eid good work.


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It is called  the braille blaster and it can be found here;


I  think it is free,  but donations are accepted bby the American Printing   house for the blind.


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Hi, I also have a Braille Blazer printer, but I have not gotten it to work yet.


What is the full name of your Braille Blaster translation program  Also, where did you obtain it?


Is there anything that you think I should know to have this working with both my Windows 7 computer and also with my Windows 10 computer??


Thanks very much for any information!


Sincerely, Vicky V


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How are you hooking up the blazer.



73 N2DYN Angelo


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I have connected the Braille blazer to my computer, I have also set up the printer into the printer settings, and I think I put the setup information into Braille Blaster translation program. The problem I am having when I go to print text I have brought up into the Braille Blaster translation program and I go to print the text for some reason the text does not get to the Braille printer. Does anybody know what may be causing this problem and how I can fix the problem.





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