Re: Bouncing.


Hi Carolyn, Simply put bouncing is caused by your email provider. I
believe what happens is that your email provider decides to bounce the
messages back to and you don't even get to see them. I have
yet to see any questionable messages from entailing a link
to unbounce yourself from a group though. But then again
Gmail does notbounce messages, or at least it hasn't in my case.

Stay well,.


On 7/21/20, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
What in the world causes that? It has happened twice to me
in about a week. The first time, I managed to get myself
unbounced from an email that came. The second time, the
email seemed different; I was skeptical.

A vendor that I buy stuff from managed to get me back on. I
went to the site and was not getting very far.

I believe I need to take bouncing 101.

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